Integrated Catchment Management

Integration and modelling




One of the key elements of the ICM programme concerns "integration". While this word means many different things to different people it is really about the way in which research is done as well as how it is used.

Researchable Issues

Research Areas

Sediment learning group Welcome at Te Awhina marae

Sediment learning group

Welcome at Te Awhina marae

Publications (Selection)

Year Title File Size
2003 River inputs, re-mineralisation and the spatial and temporal distribution of inorganic nutrients in Tasman Bay, New Zealand. pdf       1.13MB
2002 Modelling groundwater recharge and discharge in Motueka catchment.  
2006 IDEAS conceptual model for Integrated Catchment Management. pdf       393KB
2006 Integrating groundwater modelling and river ecology doc       29KB
2001 Raster-Based Hydrological Modelling of the Motueka Catchment. doc       22KB
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Presentations (Selection)

Year Title File Size
2003 Application of SWAT in a large mountainous catchment with high spatial variability.  
2007 Landscape ecology and Integrated catchment management – 2. ICM and Case studies pdf       3.67MB
2008 Baker, M–A; Markham, S. Integrated catchment management policy–making in New Zealand. Presentation to NZ Association of Resource Management Annual Conference Nelson 13–15 October 2008. pdf       41KB
2006 Integrating groundwater modelling and river ecology for improved understanding. pdf       466KB
2005 The Integrated Catchment Management Research Programme.  
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Primary Contacts:

Image - Will Allen Will Allen  EmailSend email to AllenW
Phone: 03 321 9600
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Landcare Research
participation, multi–stakeholder processes, participatory evaluation, networking
Image - Tim Davie Tim Davie  EmailSend email to tim.davie
Phone: 03 372 7084
Fax: +64 (0)3 365 3194
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Environment Canterbury
Hydrology & modelling, surface water resource management
Image - John Dymond John Dymond  EmailSend email to dymondj
Phone: 06 353 4955
Landcare Research
land and water models, GIS, remote sensing
Image - Chris Phillips Chris Phillips  EmailSend email to phillipsc
Phone: +64 3 321 9775
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Landcare Research
Erosion processes, slope stability, effects of forestry, catchment management, knowledge management
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Research areas

Ecosystem models of Tasman & Golden Bays Fine sediment: bringing the geomorphology and biology together Futures modelling IDEAS Knowledge delivery Knowledge interactions Modelling water quantity and quality River plume ecosystem Sediment generation, delivery and impacts Sediment learning group Stakeholder issues Tall vegetation effects on water yield

Research Highlight

FRST research reviews ICM links – NZ and international IDEAS Marine modelling – how are we doing? Stream health in the Motueka catchment Tracing Sediment from the mountains to the Bay