Integrated Catchment Management

Reference Databases

As part of the information gathering phase and development of the knowledge base, a publication or reference database has been constructed.  This database has been developed with the software "Reference Manager".  

It contains over 400 annotated references that describe what is in the reference, how important we believe the reference to be, and its relevance to the various issues being addressed by the project.

The reference database is fully searchable and you enter in key words, authors, or other relevant search details to find what is held in the database.

Additional References

If any project participant or member of the public is aware of any literature that is not represented in the database, then we would be extremely keen to know the details so that the knowledge base for the Motueka River catchment can be as complete as possible.

Details can be sent direct to Chris Phillips EmailSend email to PhillipsC at Landcare Research or information can be entered on the following form.