Integrated Catchment Management

Research Themes

Tasman Bay Coast near Kina
Tasman Bay coast near Kina

The research in the ICM Motueka initiative is organised around five science themes. 

While the goal of ICM is to integrate research and management to address multiple issues, we have organised information within this web site around these five themes to aid in the presentation of that information.  

However, these themes and the areas of research associated with them do overlap significantly, as do the issues that they address.  

Themes include information and research activities related to:

Land - Research covers a number of things but primarily addresses issues of land use effects on water resources, including surface water and ground water.

Freshwater - Addresses issues of water quality and habitat as well as riparian management issues

Coastal and Marine - Addresses the issue of the catchment´s effects on Tasman Bay and the implications for marine farming and marine habitat

Human dimensions - Addresses issues of why and how stakeholders manage the conflicting resource needs within the community.

Integration and modelling - This theme aims to demonstrate integrative elements within the programme as well as illustrate the importance of models in ICM.

Motueka River near Ngatimoti Extracting plants
Motueka River near Ngatimoti
Extracting plants from plant trial