Integrated Catchment Management

BMPs, BEPs and Guidelines

This section aims to provide links to Best Management Practices (BMP’s), Best Environmental Practices (BEP’s) or Guidelines to assist with the management of catchments, coasts and our natural environment.  If you know of a BMP or Guideline that you think others would find helpful please fill in the details here.

Research Areas BMP, BEP or Guideline — Region or NZ wide
ICM general  
Annual General Meetings
Arts & science collaboration  
Capacity building
Community reference group  
Community Resilience – Watershed Talk
Cow crossings and water quality  
Dating groundwater  
Delta habitat mapping  
Ecosystem models of Tasman & Golden Bays  
Faecal bacteria in the Motueka River  
Farm environmental planning  
Fine sediment: bringing the geomorphology and biology together  
Flood gate design and management
Forest harvesting effects  
Futures modelling
Gravel extraction  
Historical development  
Identifying Maori needs  
Institutional Learning – Research and Practice
Knowledge delivery  
Knowledge interactions  
Links between scientific and cultural indicators of river health
Long term in–situ data collection in Tasman Bay  
Maori and ICM  
Mechanisms of groundwater recharge  
Modelling water quantity and quality
Riparian classification  
Riparian vegetation assessment  
Riparian vegetation enhancement  
River bank styles  
River monitoring  
River plume ecosystem  
Science uptake by councils  
Sediment generation, delivery and impacts  
Sediment learning group  
Sherry River Community  
Social learning
Stabilising characteristics of native plants  
Stakeholder issues  
Stream health – fish  
Stream health – invertebrates  
Stream health – productivity  
Sustaining ecosystem services  
Tall vegetation effects on water yield  
Tangata Whenua  
Tasman Bay productivity  
Thalweg Mapping: A measure of habitat quality
Trout tracking
UNESCO HELP Catchment & International links
Upper Motueka water resources
Valuing water  
Water augmentation
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