Integrated Catchment Management

Introduction and purpose

Welcome to the Integrated Catchment Management for the Motueka River web site.

Please note: Information on this website is no longer being updated, and may be out of date.

This site is the web presence of an exciting research initiative based in the Motueka River catchment in Nelson, New Zealand.  

It is a 11 year programme which commenced in July 2000 and completed in September 2011, and whose goal is to conduct multi-disciplinary, multi-stakeholder research to provide information and knowledge that will improve the management of land, freshwater, and near-coastal environments in catchments with multiple, interacting, and potentially conflicting land uses.  

This research approach is called Integrated Catchment Management, or ICM for short.

The ambitious goal for the programme will be accomplished through an innovative combination of historical research, biophysical experimentation, simulation modelling, and social learning.

This combined approach has been designed specifically to improve interactions between science providers and community stakeholders and to maximise the uptake and use of new knowledge and tools developed from scientific research.

Brown trout   Tasman Bay coast near Kina
Brown trout
Tasman Bay coast near Kina

The programme is focused on five science themes:

This initiative brings together researchers, agency personnel, and end-users from a variety of organisations.  

The programme participants include people from the following organisations: Landcare Research, Tasman District Council, Cawthron Institute, ENSIS, NIWA, IGNS, and Otago University.

Site design

The site is arranged around a number of key areas.  These include:


Kirsty Cullen, Landcare Research, is thanked for the original ICM graphic banner graphic. Mike Cochrane, Landcare Research is thanked for assistance with programming of the various components of the original databases the sit behind this web site and which have been subsequently modified by Leigh Zhang. Leigh Zhang has largely been responsible for the construction of this web site which underwent a major re-vamp and went live in July 2007 replacing the existing site which had been going since 2000.

Screen shot of old ICM web site

Screen shot of old ICM web site

Various project staff have and continue to contribute content to this site.  


Landcare Research, as the lead research agency in the ICM Motueka River programme, kindly hosts this web site.  

Follow the links to the disclaimer and copyright statements.

Privacy policy

On this site we collect and display contact details of people who are either participating in, or are interested in, the ICM Motueka project.  These details are collected to help project staff and stakeholders find who to go to for specific information such as for example freshwater ecology, soils, marine farming, and participatory research processes or to inform us of those people who wish to be advised on research updates and significant items of interest.  

Anyone can join our contacts list or be advised of new and interesting information related to this site or the ICM research programme by subscribing to our alert list.

NOTE: Your details will not be sold or passed to a third party and you can indicate various levels of security for your information. See out Privacy Policy.

Contact us

Any comments about this site are welcomed.  

Please contact us or use the feedback form.  

If you have problems arising from the use of the site please contact Chris Phillips EmailSend email to PhillipsC in the first instance, or one of the programme team whose contact details can be found on the programme participants page. 

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