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Stream health in the Motueka catchment

Stream health of the Motueka River catchment
Stream health of the Motueka River catchment

According to the stream invertebrate communities recently studied at 46 sampling sites throughout the catchment, the majority of the Motueka River ecosystem is in good health.

Sites in the headwaters are particularly healthy, while there are some concerns in the lower tributaries. Streams draining ultramafic geology in the headwaters of the catchment are characterised by low invertebrate densities and diversity, but the few species that were found are typical of clean mountain streams. Invertebrate communities in streams draining native forest on the other geological types in the catchment (Moutere gravel, Separation Point Granite, hard sedimentary rock, and marble) appeared to be relatively similar to each other and were also indicative of healthy ecosystems.

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