Integrated Catchment Management

Managing Riparian Zones: A contribution to protecting New Zealand's rivers and streams. Volume 2: Guidelines

Year of Publication : 2004 
Region: (e.g. Canterbury or NZ-wide) New Zealand - wide
Description: The handbook was prepared by the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research(NIWA), with the support of the Department of Conservation and the Foundation for Research, Science and Technology. Its purpose is to provide a basis on which to address the protection of
one of the most fragile parts of the landscape - the interface between productive land and freshwaters. Research both within New Zealand and overseas has shown the importance of this riparian zone in protecting the water quality and natural values of rivers and streams including their biodiversity.

The purpose of this two-part document (Volume 1: Concepts, Volume 2: Guidelines) is to provide information on how to improve the management of riparian1 zones along streams and
rivers in modified and developed2 landscapes, particularly in agricultural areas. It adds to a suite of documents already available on water management in New Zealand and complements a guidelines document on management of riparian zones in production forests currently being
prepared by the Logging Industry Research Association.