Integrated Catchment Management

Community-based Dune Management for the Mitigation of
Coastal Hazards and Climate Change Effects: A Guide for Local Authorities

Year of Publication : 2005 
Description: From manual:
This manual brings together lessons from existing and successful dune care/restoration programmes in New Zealand to provide guidelines for councils wanting to initiate dune restoration programmes - both to mitigate coastal hazards, including climate chnage effects such as projected sea level rise, and to restore the beneficial natural and human use values associated with coastal dunes. This report details the many benefits of utilising community-based dune restoration as both:
An adaptive approach to help mitigate the effects of sea level rise in a changing climate, and resultant coastal hazards (including coastal erosion and inundation).
An educative process that can be used to raise community awareness of likely coastal hazards including sea-level rise and potential impacts.