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AGM 2005 visit to Te Awhina marae

AGM 2005 visit to Te Awhina marae


Tangata whenua are the local Maori and include a number of iwi. Two main iwi, Ngati Rarua and Te Atiawa, and their respective hapu, are regarded as tangata whenua and have a strong connection with the Motueka catchment today.

To understand Maori values and Maori issues related to the Motueka catchment, it is essential to start with an understanding of Maori mythology, Maori migration and tribal origins, Maori ancestry, history, conflicts, relocation, and settlement and land tenure up to present day.

Research Approach

A partnership approach towards collaborative learning, and the development of collaborative projects aligned to iwi and hapu Maori issues, priorities, needs and aspirations. This included building and maintaining a relationship and regular involvement of iwi and hapu representatives in the ICM programme.

Research Results

Tiakina iwi indicators - cultural health assessment Tiakina iwi indicators hui - October 2007

Tiakina iwi indicators - cultural health assessment

Tiakina iwi indicators hui - October 2007

Recent Publications

Year Title File Size
2012 A Summary of Outcomes and selected formal publications from the Integrated Catchment Management (ICM)research programme:2000 – 2011
pdf       1.08MB
2011 Integrated Catchment Management – Special Issue of the NZ Journal of Marine & Freshwater Research  
2009 Linkages between cultural and scientific indicators of river and stream health pdf       584KB
2008 Faecal Indicator Organism Modelling (FIO): Application to Motueka River pdf       1.40MB
2007 Participation of indigenous groups in sustainable development monitoring: rationale and examples from New Zealand. pdf       335KB
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Recent Presentations

Year Title File Size
2012 Fenemor AD 2012. THE SCIENCE OF INTEGRATED CATCHMENT MANAGEMENT: Implications for Dairy Farming. Presentation to "Dairying on the Front Foot" symposium organised by NZ Landcare Trust at Seifried Estate, Nelson, 18 May 2012. 31 slides. pdf       5629KB
2005 Integrated Catchment Management: The value of building partnerships with indigenous groups. pdf       1432KB
2005 Iwi perspective on ICM from the Motueka HELP Basin. pdf       3199KB
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BMPs, BEPs and Guidelines

Title Description
Effective Participation in Resource Consent Processes: A guide for Tangata Whenua
From website:
This guide aims to help tangata whenua to participate effectively in resource co...More »  
Using the Cultural Health Index: How to assess the health of streams and waterways Edited from website:
This guide explains how to iwi can apply the Cultural Health Index (cultu...More »  
Kawe Korero: Guidelines for communicating with Maori From guide:
These Guidelines for Communicating with Mäori have been developed to assist staff ...More »  
Kaitiakitanga and Local Government: Tangata Whenua participation in environmental management A practical guide for incorporating the values of tangata Whenua into the decision making process co...More »  
Talking Constructively: A practical guide for building agreements between iwi, hapu and whanau, and loca authorities From website:
This guide is designed to be a practical summary to help iwi, hapu and whanau an...More »  
Maori and the Resource Management Act Edited from guide:
A guide on incorporating Maori involvement in the management of natural and...More »  
Guidelines for Consulting with Tangata Whenua under the RMA: An Update on Case Law From website:
This publication provides guidance on how to undertake consultation with tangata...More »  
Guidelines for Research and Evaluation with Mäori From guide:
The guidelines outlined in this document are designed to assist staff from the Cen...More »  
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Primary Contacts:

Image - Andrew Fenemor Andrew Fenemor  EmailSend email to fenemora
Phone: 03 545 7710
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Landcare Research
ICM programme management; local liaison; resource management; hydrology and water resource management
Image - Garth Harmsworth Garth Harmsworth  EmailSend email to harmsworthg
More details»
Landcare Research
environmental planning, Maori research, Maori issues, land resource assessment, GIS applications.
Image - Mick Park Mick Park  EmailSend email to rmmotueka
iwi projects; harakeke; fungi for remediation
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