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What's New archive 2000-2005

Title Description Date
Reports added Various reports added to publications page. 28 November  2005
Upper Motueka groundwater modelling report River-aquifer interaction modelling in the Upper Motueka river catchment: three-dimensional finite-element groundwater flow model. 28 November  2005
ICM AGM and HELP Symposium 7-11November 2005 Details of programme of ICM AGM and South Pacific HELP Symposium.  Presentations from the symposium 28 November  2005
Workshop: Tools and Techniques from ICM Research 8-9 November 2005 The workshop is being run specifically to showcase results from the ICM programme and provoke discussion on future ICM directions. It is particular relevant to regional council staff working in environmental management and policy but also applies to anyone involved in sustainable land and/or water management from district council staff to central policy agencies such as MfE, MAF, MED, and the PCE. Presentations and photos. 28 November 2005
EcolSoc Conference presentation & field trip Presentation at New Zealand Ecological Society and New Zealand Freshwater Sciences Society combined conference in Nelson, August, 28th August – 1st September 2005, "Can our native species perform river bank stabilising functions as well as willows? Case of the cabbage tree".  Plus photos of ICM field trip. 6 September 2005
Regional Council Land Manager's Forum ICM presentations to Regional Council Land Manager's Forum, Richmond, August 25. 6 September 2005
Launch of Motueka CD-Rom at Ecofest Version 1.0 of the ICM for the Motueka River CD was launched at Ecofest in Nelson on 20 and 21 August 2005.  20 August 2005
State of surface water quality in Tasman District  Report on surface water quality in Tasman District incorporating results from ICM monitoring network 08 July 2005
ICM stakeholder reports added Includes: Catchment channel characteristics and riverbed substrate assessment; Conceptual requirements for an erosion-sediment model for the Motueka catchment; Good practice guidelines for working with tangata whenua and Maori organisations: Consolidating our learning 08 July 2005
Hot topic #14 - ICM update Various research updates 23 June 2005
Coastal Workshop at TDC Unpublished summary report on Coastal Workshop at TDC 16 May 2005
Results from website evaluation Responses to the simple questionnaire used to evaluate people's usage of our ICM web site 20 April 2005
Good Friday Easter Floods Article and photos of the Good Friday easter Flood that affected the upper Motueka and Motupiko Rivers 20 April 2005
Collaborative research with Maori groups as part of the Motueka integrated catchment management (ICM) programme Unpublished paper by Garth Harmsworth, Collaborative Learning Group 23 February 2005
Motueka Atlas Downloadable maps of the catchment 25 January 2005
Photos Downloadable photos of the catchment 25 January 2005
Hot topic #13 - ICM update Notes from the 2004 AGM 15 November and 20 December 2004
Carrying capacity of Nelson Bays Report added on carrying capacity of Nelson Bays ecosystems 26 November 2004
2004 AGM posters added 2004 ICM AGM posters added 15 November 2004
CRG minutes added October CRG meeting minutes added 15 November 2004
Trout numbers in the Motueka River Trout numbers in the Motueka River - drift dive results 26 May 2004
Application to HELP Application to Phase 2 of HELP Project 19 May 2004
Hydrology of the Motueka catchment May 2004 CRG meeting presentation by Tim Davie 18 May 2004
CRG Minutes added December CRG meeting minutes added 22 April 2004
Water quality monitoring data update Updated water quality monitoring results from WQ network October 2002-July 2003 15 January 2004
WATYIELD - Decision support tool for assessing land cover effects on water availability

Decision Support Tool (DST) based around a water balance model for use in situations where there is a limited amount of data on the climate, soils, and vegetation of the catchment, and is similar to the approach widely used for computing crop water requirements. 

12 January 2004
Land cover effects on water availability Completed project summarising the state of knowledge into land cover effects on water availability. 22 December 2003
Arts-Science collaboration The Mountains to the Sea initiative is a collaboration of scientists and artists drawn together to find new ways of understanding and conveying ideas about the environmental and social interconnections that shape the Motueka Catchment. 11 December 2003
Hot topics update Announcement of successful new research funding 3 December 2003
2003 AGM 2003 ICM AGM posters, abstracts, pictures 10 November 2003
Dating the Moutere aquifer Press release and information concerning the age of the Moutere aquifer 30 July 2003
The Motueka & Riwaka Catchments The technical publication synthesising all known information and issues for the catchment and Tasman Bay.  A mjor milestone for the ICM Motueka programme. 29 July 2003
Maximising the role of science - including collaborative learning - in supporting ICM Presentation on Who's integrating what - Maximising the role of science - including collaborative learning - in supporting ICM 27 June 2003
Riparian reports added Draft report and information on the riparian typology project added 23 June 2003
Modelling impacts of land cover change on critical water resources in the Motueka River catchment, New Zealand Conference abstracts updated 23 June 2003
Maori research pages updated Various pages on Maori research, projects, history, guidelines for engagement of iwi/hapu 16 June 2003
DSS for land cover changes on water resources Presentation on a Decision Support Tool for Assessing the Effects of Land Cover Change on Water Resources 26  May 2003
Drift diving for "dodos" Information on drift diving and how it is used to assess trout populations 23  May 2003
Hot topics update Hot Topic #8 - Welcome from Andrew Fenemor the new ICM Programme Leader 10 March 2003
Trout numbers on the way up Latest trout number data from drift dives 27 February 2003
HELP conference in Kalmar Sweden 2002 Presentations to the HELP conference on the Motueka River catchment 10 December 2002
Recent conference abstracts added Conference abstracts added 10 December 2002
2002 AGM presentations Download pdf versions of 2002 AGM powerpoint presentations 04 November 2002
How much water to trout need? How much water do trout need? Article and report by Roger Young, John Hayes, & Lawson Davey 02 October 2002
2002 AGM Annual General Meeting 21-23 October - Watch for more details 01 October 2002
Fish distrubution in the Motueka River Fish distribution maps from the NZ Freshwater Fish database added  01 October 2002
Water quality monitoring network results added Water quality monitoring results added for January, April, July 2002 20 September 2002
What is driving the food chain in the Motueka River? Article by Roger Young (downloadable pdf file) 13 September 2002
2002 AGM Annual General Meeting 21-23 October - Watch for more details 9 September 2002
Upcoming conference abstracts added Conference abstracts added 9 September 2002
Field guide to the environment and issues of the Motueka River & Tasman Bay, New Zealand Updated field guide 2 August 2002
Sustainability review Submission from the CRGICM to the FRST Sustainability Review 26 July 2002
Official opening of the bridge across the dairy crossing on the Sherry River A case of where science has led to identification of the problem and a willingness to fix it by the local community (belated posting) 12 July 2002
Hot topics update Hot Topic #6 - Sustainability? 14 June 2002
HELP flier Flier produced by HELP programme about the  ICM Motueka Programme 14 June 2002
FRST Programme review 2002 Executive summary of a report by John Higgins for the FRST on the ICM Motueka Programme 14 June 2002
Water pollution by dairy cattle crossing a stream Cows and rivers - an experiment 16 April 2002
Hot topics update Hot topic #5 - What's broken in the Motueka Catchment that needs fixing? 20 March 2002
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20 March 2002
AGM Abstracts Consolidated AGM Programme Abstracts listed 20 March 2002
Article Article about Roger Wadell - Royal SocietyTeaching Fellow and picture of Roger assisting with hyporheic zone research in the Motueka River. 25 February 2002
Hot topics update Hot topic #4 - report on IFIM by Roger Young 6 November 2001
AGM Presentations added Powerpoint presentations from AGM added 6 November 2001
Conference Abstracts & Papers Abstracts and papers for/from conferences 6 November 2001
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Hot topics updated Hot topic #3 - report just out on cost of erosion to New Zealand by Krausse et al. 18 September 2001
AGM Notes and Agenda for ICM Motueka AGM - public days 6 September 2001
Pre-AGM Meeting Notes and Agenda for ICM Motueka pre-AGM (Project participants only)  6 September 2001
FRST report Report to PGS&T available.  Report outlines progress made to date. 5 September 2001
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Hot topics Hot topics - updated 18 July 2001
Privacy Policy  Policy - describes what happens to submitted contact information 16 July 2001
Monitoring Results Water Quality Monitoring results for October 2000 to April 2001 posted 2 July 2001
Staff room changes Site moved to new server allows faster access and retrieves from Contacts, Events, Outputs databases (project particpants only) 28 June 2001
 Web site launch Web site launched at presentation to CRG Meeting on May 14 May 2001
Reference Database for Motueka River catchment Reference Manager Database.   Fully searchable database with over 350 entries. Annotated references with comments by Les Basher. 20 April 2001
Metadata Summary information about the types of data we have for the catchment (not complete but getting there) 15 November 2000
Project partners Details on the people involved in the project 13 November 2000
Field tour guide Summary nformation used in/useful for various field tour guides, including images, maps and trends in some environmental parameters 7 November 2000
Maps Some preliminary GIS maps (not complete - a sampler) 5 October 2000