Integrated Catchment Management

AGM 2004
2-4 November 2004, Nelson

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Theme: Linking ICM Research to Management Needs

The 2004 ICM Annual Meeting is the annual opportunity for researchers and project partners to share progress with each other, and map out our future research directions. In particular, we need to be thinking about our research goals for the final 4 years of our FRST contract July 2005-June 2009, and plan linkages between the various ICM research projects and partners.

We will repeat last year’s successful Field Day, this year on Wednesday 3 November around Motueka itself. The field day is open to interested community members, so we hope you will make plans to attend. Please see the general description below and the specific agenda, which is attached, and mark your calendar accordingly.

Tuesday 2 November 

REVIEW OF PROGRESS (for ICM researchers and collaborators, at Tasman District Council, Richmond)

Programme review for programme partners and participants followed by afternoon workshop on the prototype Motueka ICM Toolbook and goals for it.

Wednesday 3 November 

A DAY IN THE LOWER MOTUEKA (Project Leaders and interested Community Members)

Field trip to Motueka and the lower catchment with poster displays, discussion of progress to date on key projects in the Motueka ICM research programme. While posters will cover all aspects of our ICM research, this field day will concentrate on iwi research, marine research, river gravel dynamics and riparian restoration. The day will include a visit to the Travelling River Exhibition on display at the Motueka Museum.

Thursday 4 November 

SCIENCE PLANNING WORKSHOPS (Project Leaders and participants and invited stakeholders, at Landcare Research Nelson)

Project-based discussions for planning future work.

Your opportunity to plan research direction and collaborations, including future milestones and outputs for 2005-2009. Short presentations as a lead-in to discussion are welcome.

All Project Leaders and available project participants should plan to attend all sessions Tuesday – Thursday.

For further information on this meeting, contact one of the following:

Andrew Fenemor, Landcare Research, Nelson EmailSend email to FenemorA
Les Basher, Landcare Research, Nelson EmailSend email to Basherl
Mark Adamson, Landcare Research, Nelson

Remember to check this web page ( for the latest information about the meeting and about the Motueka ICM programme.