Integrated Catchment Management

The programme brings together researchers, agency personnel, and end-users from a variety of organisations. 

Organisations represented in the programme include: Landcare Research, Tasman District Council, Cawthron Institute, SCION, NIWA, GNS, and Otago University.

Landcare Research
Individual Expertise
Andrew Fenemor hydrology, environmental management
Chris Phillips erosion and sediment delivery processes; vegetation/forest impacts on erosion; tree roots and stability; ICM; web design/construction
Les Basher soils, geomorphology
Tim Davie land use hydrology; modelling (Now at ECAN)
James Barringer GIS
Michael Marden geology, geomorphology, forestry impacts
Alex Watson hydrology, root investigations, wind & slope stability
Jagath Ekanayake soil physics, electronic instrument design, slope stability
John Payne hydrology, field installations
Michael Krausse natural resource economics, forestry 
Margaret Kilvington collaborative learning, facilitation, evaluation
Will Allen participation, multi-stakeholder processes, participatory evaluation, networking
Garth Harmsworth environmental planning, Maori research, Maori issues, land resource assessment, GIS applications.
Anthony Cole environmental economics
Glen Lauder  EmailSend email to glen human dimensions, stakeholder processes
John Dymond modelling, GIS, remote sensing
Tasman District Council
Individual Expertise
Joseph Thomas  EmailSend email to josep water resources - investigations, monitoring, management including quantity/quality, water allocation, technical consent assessment.
River/Aquifer interaction modelling and landuse impacts on water flows & recharge
Lindsay Vaughan  EmailSend email to lindsay.vaughan riparian issues; restoration
Rob Smith  EmailSend email to rob.smith

water quality, stream ecology

Steve Markham policy manager
Mary-Anne Baker policy
Cawthron Institute
Individual Expertise
Roger Young pdf file River ecology, ecosystem health, freshwater fisheries, integrated catchment management
John Hayes pdf file Recreational fisheries, fish ecology, flow modelling, fish habitat and bioenergetics
Paul Gillespie pdf file Coastal and estuarine scientist, aquatic microbial ecology, eutrophication, environmental impact assessment
Lincoln Mackenzie Aquatic microbial ecology & taxonomy, shellfish toxins
Lesley Rhodes pdf file Marine microalgal ecology & taxonomy, harmful algal blooms, molecular probes
Tim Divett Bio-economics andcomplex systems analyst
Reid Forrest Coastal ecologist, sediment geochemistry
Chris Batstone pdf file Resource economics
Jim Sinner pdf file Sustainable Business Group Manager
Ben Knight pdf file Marine modeller
Dean Olsen pdf file Freshwater ecologist
Chris Cornelisen pdf file Marine ecologist
Weimin Jiang pdf file EmailSend email Natural Resources Analyst
Barrie Forest Marine ecology and biosecurity
Joe Hay Flow modelling, fish habitat modelling
Aaron Quarterman Freshwater research, data processing, digital imaging
Karen Shearer Freshwater biologist. Macroinvertebrate sample processing, biomonitoring
Rowan Strickland Coastal and Freshwater Group Manager
Individual Expertise
Rob Davies-Colley riparian issues; freshwater ecology; water quality;diffuse pollution
Murray Hicks sediment transport; modelling
Individual Expertise
Mike Stewart  EmailSend email to m.stewart isotope hydrology 
Individual Expertise
Lisa Langer  EmailSend email to Lisa.Langer forestry, riparian vegetation 
Nick Ledgard  EmailSend email to Nick.Ledgard forestry, riparian vegetation 
Otago University
Individual Expertise
Colin Townsend external html link  freshwater ecology
Rebekah Eyles external html link  freshwater contaminants
Individual Expertise
Community Reference Group  "touchstone" group of catchment residents
Individual Expertise
Breck Bowden ex-programme leader; aquatic geo-chemistry, hydrology