Integrated Catchment Management

AGM 2003
21-23 October 2003, Nelson

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Tuesday 21 October 

PARTNER MEETING AND STAKEHOLDER WORKSHOP (for invited project leaders and stakeholders, at TDC Richmond)

Programme review for programme partners followed by afternoon workshop to identify ways to improve community and sector engagement, including proposed formation of a Motueka ICM Advisory Panel.

Wednesday 22 October 

A DAY IN THE CATCHMENT (all Project Leaders and interested Community Members)

Field trip to Tapawera and Ngatimoti with poster displays, discussion of progress to date on key projects in the Motueka ICM research programme, and opportunity for community comment on environmental and growth challenges in the catchment.

Timetable and stops  updated 8 OCtober 2003

Thursday 23 October 

SCIENCE DAY (Project Leaders and participants, at Landcare Research Nelson)

Programme review and discussion of the technical details of specific projects, further opportunities for working together, communications strategy, application of ICM research results around NZ and any issues raised by project leaders and participants.

Friday 24 October 

ART/SCIENCE (Arts and Science working group only)

Workshop to shortlist options for the ICM ArtSci "Work".

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