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Recent Publications

Year Title File Size
2012 A Summary of Outcomes and selected formal publications from the Integrated Catchment Management (ICM)research programme:2000 – 2011
pdf       1.08MB
2010 Sherry River native plant establishment: ´Best bet´ guidelines pdf       998KB
2009 Use of willows and natives for stream bank control in New Zealand: a survey of regional councils pdf       588KB
2008 Establishing native plants alongside the Sherry River, with particular emphasis on initial weed control. The Bavin’s trial. pdf       79KB
2006 Stream bank erosion: a review of processes of bank failure, measurement and assessment techniques, and modelling approaches pdf       2.62MB
2006 What happened to soil conservation and is the renaissance coming? pdf       374KB
2006 Above and below ground characteristics of native riparian plant colonisers – Karamu, Ribbonwood, Kowhai, Lemonwood, Kohuhu, Lacebark, Mapou, Fivefinger, Cabbage tree, Rewarewa, Tutu.  
2005 Below–ground morphology of Cordyline australis (New Zealand cabbage tree) and its suitability for river bank stabilisation. pdf       1.17MB
2005 Stabilising characterisics of New Zealand indigenous riparian colonising plants. pdf       246KB
2005 Erosion and Sediment Control Using New Zealand Native Plants – What Do We Know? pdf       158KB
2004 Performance of native riparian plants – how different are they? pdf       588KB
2004 Root tensile strength as an indicator of performance of riparian plants – How do they rank? pdf       489KB
2004 Stabilising characteristics of the New Zealand cabbage tree (Cordyline australis). doc       20KB
2004 Stabilising characteristics of New Zealand indigenous riparian colonising plants. doc       21KB
2003 Researchers measure growth of native youngsters. pdf       814KB
2001 Soil stabilising characteristics of native riparian vegetation in New Zealand: application to stream bank stability. doc       181KB
2000 Stabilising–Parameters of Vegetation: A Critical Look Down–Under. pdf       143KB
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Recent Presentations

Year Title File Size
2012 Fenemor AD 2012. THE SCIENCE OF INTEGRATED CATCHMENT MANAGEMENT: Implications for Dairy Farming. Presentation to "Dairying on the Front Foot" symposium organised by NZ Landcare Trust at Seifried Estate, Nelson, 18 May 2012. 31 slides. pdf       5629KB
2008 A peek down under: structural root architecture of some New Zealand native plants pdf       4445KB
2008 Site occupancy of native plants in New Zealand pdf       1708KB
2006 Use of Plants for Ground Bioengineering and Erosion & Sediment Control in New Zealand. pdf       142KB
2005 Willows or natives. Is that the question? pdf       3268KB
2005 Can our native species perform river bank stabilising functions as well as willows? Case of the cabbage tree. pdf       1243KB
2005 Erosion & sediment control using New Zealand native plants. pdf       1799KB
2005 Stabilising characteristics of New Zealand riparian plants - Northland Workshops. pdf       1647KB
2004 Stabilising characteristics of New Zealand riparian plants - Auckland workshop.  
2004 Stabilising characteristics of New Zealand riparian plants - Wellington workshop. pdf       921KB
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BMPs, BEPs and Guidelines

Title Description
Southland’s Wetlands assessment Guide A tool kit for use by landowners that includes practical advice and assistance to encourage the main...More »  
Best practice guidelines for vegetation management and in stream works These best practice guidelines cover activities undertaken by the River and Catchment Services group...More »  
Protecting and Restoring our Natural Heritage – a Practical Guide From website:
This guidebook provides information on protection, management and restoration of...More »  
Riparian Zone Management Guidelines From document:
This Guideline is a practical manual for use by landowners, developers, organis...More »  
Riparian Zone Management Planting Guide Companion Guide to "Riparian Zone Management Guidelines"...More »  
Native Plants for Streamsides in Wellington Conservancy
Guideline helps reduce further loss of indigenous biodiversity by indicating the native plants
...More »  
Trees on Farms: A guide with local experience of growing trees in the Waikato Region From website:
This manual covers a range of aspects of selection, establishment and care of tr...More »  
Wind Erosion and Control From manual:
Explains how wind erosion occurs, and outlines techniques to
manage it.
More »  
Restoring the Balance: Biodiversity self–help kit From kit:
This resource kit aims to help you –
Identify the existing biodiversit...More »  
Streamside Planting Guide From website:
The streamside planting guide will help you know what to plant where, and how to...More »  
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