Integrated Catchment Management

Suggested Key Words

A list of suggested keywords for each of the following topic areas above has been provided to get you started with this reference database.

(Note: this list is not exhaustive and will be added to)

Topic area: Human dimensions

collaborative learning, resource management, recreation, knowledge management, communication

Topic area: Land

catchment, riparian, sediment, Tasman District, geology, soils, vegetation, maps, terrestrial, LCDB, river gravel

Topic area: Freshwater 

Motueka River, groundwater, aquatic ecology, trout, nutrients, floods, low flows, rainfall, aquatic, aquifer, water resources

Topic area: Coastal 

Tasman Bay, scallops, fisheries, coastal, oysters, mussells, river plume ecosystem, aquaculture

Topic area: Human health 

contaminants, bacteria, faecal coliforms, campylobacter

Topic area: Methods of analysis

GIS, modelling, water quality monitoring, IDEAS