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Stream health – invertebrates publications & presentations

Recent Publications

Year Title File Size
2012 A Summary of Outcomes and selected formal publications from the Integrated Catchment Management (ICM)research programme:2000 – 2011
pdf       1.08MB
2011 The Sherry River – a Success Story 2.97MB
2011 Integrated Catchment Management – Special Issue of the NZ Journal of Marine & Freshwater Research  
2010 Contrasting responses to catchment modification among a range of functional and structural indicators of river ecosystem health. doc       37KB
2009 Significance of river–aquifer interactions for reach–scale thermal patterns and trout growth potential in the Motueka River, New Zealand. doc       21KB
2009 Linkages between cultural and scientific indicators of river and stream health pdf       584KB
2008 Organic matter breakdown and ecosystem metabolism: functional indicators for assessing river ecosystem health pdf       321KB
2007 Tadmor River water augmentation scheme - ecological aspects revisited pdf       2.49MB
2007 Improving Water Quality through Farm Environment Planning across the Sherry Catchment – SFF project summary pdf       15KB
2007 Faecal pollution from land sources flushed
by storm–flows.
pdf       84KB
2007 Pine afforestation and stream health: a comparison of land–use in two soft rock catchments, East Cape, New Zealand pdf       375KB
2007 Instream habitat modelling and its application to the Motueka catchment pdf       1.88MB
2006 Integrating groundwater modelling and river ecology doc       29KB
2006 Bugs’n’mud: E. coli, turbidity and flow relationships for the Motueka River doc       185KB
2006 Integrating groundwater modelling and river ecology for improved understanding doc       76KB
2006 Fine sediment in the Motueka River. pdf       346KB
2006 Freshwater ecology and instream values in the upper Motueka. pdf       874KB
2004 Effects of fine sediment on invertebrates: a review. pdf       1.07MB
2004 State of surface water quality in Tasman District. pdf       22.22MB
2004 Water quality and thermal regime of the Motueka River: influences of land cover, geology and position in the catchment. pdf       439KB
2004 Water quality impact of a dairy cow herd crossing a stream. pdf       81KB
2003 Is the Motueka healthy? Insights from invertebrates. pdf       508KB
2002 Interacting factors influence the quality of water delivered to Tasman Bay from the Motueka River pdf       70KB
2002 Assessment of some potential techniques to guide management of water abstraction from small stream. pdf       536KB
2002 What is driving the food chain in the Motueka River? pdf       239KB
2001 Water quality across a complex catchment: interacting influences of geology, land use and longitudinal position. doc       22KB
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Recent Presentations

Year Title File Size
2006 Integrating groundwater modelling and river ecology. pdf       1441KB
2006 Integrating groundwater modelling and river ecology for improved understanding. pdf       466KB
2006 Ecological effects of gravel extraction. pdf       131KB
2006 Scientific Indicators of River Health. pdf       940KB
2006 Faecal microbial pollution of waters. pdf       196KB
2006 Motueka Case Study: detecting subtle changes in river health throughout a river system. pdf       940KB
2005 Understanding land use impacts on water quality & river values. pdf       1561KB
2005 Faecal pollution reduced by bridging of stream crossings on the Sherry River, Tasman District – Ecol Soc, Nelson pdf       2231KB
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BMPs, BEPs and Guidelines

Title Description
Stormwater – swales Swales are vegetated areas used in place of curbs or paved gutters to transport stormwater runoff. T...More »  
Information on key sustainable farming topics From website:
A table designed to help find information/publications that are related to whole...More »  
Managing Waterways on Farms: A guide to sustainable water and riparian management in rural New Zealand From website:
This publication provides background information about the sources, causes and p...More »  
Microbiological Water Quality Guidelines for Marine and Freshwater Recreational Areas From guide:
The Microbiological Water Quality Guidelines for Marine and Freshwater Recreationa...More »  
Culvert and Bridge Construction Guidelines for Farmers From guide:
These guidelines provide dairy farmers considering constructing a culvert or bridg...More »  
Culvert Crossings A guide to the proper construction of culvert stream–crossings. One in a series of land manag...More »  
Stormwater Best Practice Guide From website:
This guide is for Audit purposes to show that Council, and more particularly the...More »  
Sustainable Options: Farm Tracks––planning, construction and maintenance A guide to planning, constructing and maintenance of effective farm tracks. One in a series of land...More »  
Clean Streams: A Guide to Managing Waterways on Tasman – Marlborough Farms From booklet:
This booklet provides information about how to manage waterways to improve water...More »  
The National Standard for Environmental Certification of well–managed Plantation Forests in New Zealand Outlines the National Standard for environmental certification of plantation forests. It provides f...More »  
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