Integrated Catchment Management

Trial 2

The second trail commenced in May 2006 with the aim of examining podocarps and some non-woody species used in riparian restoration. The same site and methodology are used as in Trial 1. The results from Trial 2 are also summarised as posters (click on the species to download the poster).

Common Name

Botanical Name
Agathis australis
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Dacrydium cupressinum
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Dacrycarpus dacrydioides
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Prumnopitys ferruginea
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Podocarpus totara
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Prumnopitys taxifolia
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Vitex lucens
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Alectryon excelsus
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Sedge grass
Carex secta
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NZ Mountain flax
Phormium cookianum
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Toe toe
Cortaderia toetoe
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Trial 2

Trial 2 plot - 2006

totara 3 yr old
totara 4 year old
3 year old totara
4 year old totara
kauri 3 yr kauri 4 yr
3 year old kauri
4 year old kauri