Integrated Catchment Management

CD for the Motueka River

Version 1.0 of the ICM for the Motueka River CD was launched at Ecofest in Nelson on 20 and 21 August 2005.

This marked the next significant phase in our communication strategy for stakeholders and research partners in the ICM Motueka project.

Copies of the CD-Rom were made available to the public at Ecofest on request.  If you would like a copy of the CD-Rom then please contact Chris Phillips EmailSend email to PhillipsC .

Please Note: Unfortunately the CD will not work on a Mac OS.  It will only run on a PC.  My apologies to those of you, particularly some schools, who use Mac's.


Chris Phillips explaining how the ICM Motueka CD-Rom works at Ecofest, 21 August 2005

We are seeking your feedback on the CD-Rom

You can help us improve the delivery of information we have for Motueka River catchment and Tasman Bay by providing feedback on the CD-Rom (if you get a copy).

All those who provided initial feedback (and who provided their contact details) went in the draw to win a $50 book voucher from Manaaki Whenua Press. 

John Stark was the successful winner of the book voucher.  25 October 2005

YOU can still give feedback - we would very much appreciate it.

The feedback we would like is in 3 areas:

1. Are there any mistakes that need to be corrected?

2. What is missing about the catchment that really should be there?

3. What would you really like to see in such a CD? More NZ information or examples? More global information? Different topics?

Providing feedback: 

If you think of the CD as an ordinary book, each of the clickable headings on the Main Menu are chapters. In each chapter there are a series of pages outlined in the sub-menu. Each page is a collection of different views of the page (think of them as multiple views of the same page) that are turned on or off by buttons, check boxes, hot words etc. To provide any feedback follow the examples below.

Example 1
Chapter - People of the Land
Page - Maori - historical
Button - Taonga
Link - Kaimoana
Problem - spelling mistake
Example 2
Chapter - Healthy waterways
Page - Monitoring results
Button - Annual results
Radio button - Nitrate-Nitrogen
Problem: link doesn't work

Any other feedback is also welcome.  

To provide feedback please contact Chris Phillips EmailSend email to PhillipsC