Integrated Catchment Management

The Motueka and Riwaka catchments

This report was the first major publication from the ICM Motueka programme and was published in July 2003.

It is a technical report that summarises the state of knowledge of the Motueka and Riwaka catchments, the various management issues, and research needs for integrated catchment management.

The report can be downloaded either in sections (see below) or as a complete document.

Technical Report cover

Download full report (PDF file 3614kb)


What File size
1-9 Preface and Executive Summary PDF file 371 kb
10-11 Introduction PDF file 68 kb
12-83 Literature review and synthesis PDF file 2975 kb
84-89 Metadata for the Motueka catchment PDF file 92 kb
90-95 Statutory framework for ICM PDF file 100 kb
96-105 Land, freshwater & marine resource management issues PDF file 985 kb
106-113 References PDF file 110 kb
114-120 Appendices PDF file 136 kb