Integrated Catchment Management

Comunity Reference Group Terms of Reference

The Community Reference Group (CRG) has a set of working principles.

These are to help the research partners (Landcare Research, the Cawthron Institute, and the Tasman District Council) by:

Expected Activities

It is envisaged that participation on the CRG would entail:


Up to 6 community members will be appointed. Efforts will be made to ensure that members collectively provide representation of a wide range of community interests.

Particular attention will be paid to ensure that consideration is also given to key interests who are often marginalised from the research and water decision-making process.

Efforts will be made to ensure there is Iwi representation and a gender balance.

It is recognised that rotating community members provides the opportunity for more individuals to gain an in-depth understanding of the research. The CRG and core representatives of the research partners will undertake to look at the best way to address this during the first year of the programme.


The role of the CRG is advisory. Ultimate responsibility for the contractual obligations between the primary research partners and the Foundation for Research, Science & Technology (the Foundation) rests solely with the primary research partners.

The CRG will be encouraged to provide a short annual report which will be included as an appendix to the formal reports required of the primary research partners by the Foundation. This will provide an independent mechanism for direct input by the community to the primary research funder (the Foundation).

Suggested criteria for selecting members of the Community Advisory Group: