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Sherry River water quality improvement

Sherry Catchment Group field day
Sherry Catchment Group field day

The Sherry River Farmer Catchment Group is half way through its project with the Sustainable Farming Fund on Improving Water Quality Through Whole Catchment Planning.

The three year project is designed to work with farmers on improving water quality through the Motueka ICM project´s underpinning research and established relationship with the group. Landowner Environmental Plans (LEPs) have been completed with farmers, foresters and landowners with waterways on their properties, and these will be the basis for development of a Sherry Catchment Community Plan in the final stage of the project.

Progress was discussed at a community field day on 1 October, with the launch of the ICM–funded Riparian Restoration Guide, a community riparian planting event, and discussion about the LEPs and bacterial water quality monitoring.

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