Integrated Catchment Management

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Play Integrated Science video  

Motueka Mountains to Sea: Integrated Science

Protecting water quality is one catchment issue – different disciplines need to work collaboratively together to achieve that.

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Watch Building Iwi, Hapu and Whanau Involvement video  

Motueka ICM: Building Iwi, Hapu and Whanau Involvement

Integrated catchment management sits easily with indigenous holistic environmental world views. Building their (Maori) involvement from the beginning is integral to success

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Watch Watershed Talk & Travelling River video  

Motueka ICM: Innovative Engagement: Watershed Talk & Travelling River

New and innovative ways can be found to work together for enhanced understanding and decision making at a catchment scale.

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Watch Managing Water video  

Motueka ICM: Managing Water

Water is the link from mountains to the sea. The amount of water available in a catchment depends on understanding those links

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Watch Sherry River video  

Motueka ICM: Integration in Action - the Sherry River

Science identified a water quality problem and working together with landowners and locals  the problem was solved.  

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Watch modelling video  

Motueka ICM: Models for Envisaging the Future

Protecting catchment futures  – applying computer modelling for envisaging how we can manage for the future 

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Motueka ICM: The Challenge of Integration

The challenge of integrated catchment management (ICM) is understanding connectivity between land, water and the coast and how people are central to managing catchments sustainably.

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