Integrated Catchment Management

Workshop Presentations

Presentations from Tuesday 8 November 2005 (added 15 November 2005)

Key note speaker
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Integrated Catchment Management Dr Morgan Williams, PCE 7940 KB
Theme 1 - Engaging councils, catchment communities and stakeholders in ICM
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What is Integrated Catchment Management? Andrew Fenemor 990 KB
Council perspective of the value of research in ICM Rob Smith   2837 KB
Getting the community involved in ICM: how can this contribute to developing and implementing policy. Will Allen & Margaret Kilvington   441 KB
The value of building partnerships with Iwi.

Working with Tangata Whenua - working and learning together (poster)

Issues and outcomes (poster)

Garth Harmsworth   1432 KB

319 KB

294 KB

How is knowledge taken up by councils? Glen Lauder 306 KB
Theme 2: Catchment Connections
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Understanding water resources in the Motueka valley: is more science/research needed? Tim Davie & Joseph Thomas    1501 KB
Monitoring land cover changes and sediment plumes using satellite imagery. David Pairman & Stella Bellis   4144 KB
Understanding land use impacts on water quality & river values Roger Young & Trevor James 1561 KB
Willows v natives for riparian management? Chris Phillips 3268 KB
Do we know how much river gravel is gained or lost through extraction? Les Basher   218 KB
How does a river plume impact upon the near shore marine environment? Paul Gillespie & Mark Gibbs   446 KB
Theme 3: Catchment Futures
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What information and scenarios are needed for policy development? Steve Markham   49 KB
Modelling futures scenarios for catchment management? John Dymond   809 KB
A new tool for integrating catchment knowledge: the ICM CD-ROM Chris Phillips 1183 KB


Pictures from the field trip Wednesday 9 November 2005