Integrated Catchment Management

AGM 2007



Motueka Integrated Catchment Management Programme AGM
27-29 November 2007, Nelson

Theme: An Eye to the Future for ICM

The 2007 ICM Annual Meeting is the annual opportunity for researchers and project partners to share progress with each other, and understand the big picture for the Motueka catchment and for transferability of our research.

This year’s AGM is the last before we launch into re-bidding for funds, so it is timely to review and celebrate outcomes to date, and identify new opportunities for ICM or integrated landscape research – including into new catchments and regions. 

In line with our theme, we will start with an internal Review Day.  On Day#2, we discuss the integrated modelling framework IDEAS and interim results for Motueka catchment scenarios to 2020, followed by opportunity for project teams to organise parallel planning sessions. On Day#3, we map some future integrative environmental research opportunities beyond June 2009, with a case study offered by Tasman District Council.  

Please see the general description below and the specific agenda, which is attached, and mark your calendar accordingly.  

‡Programme events are open to interested members of the public on Day #2, and invited stakeholders on Day#3, so please contact us if you’re keen to be involved.

Tuesday 27 November

At TDC Council chambers, Richmond.  For ICM researchers & associated TDC staff & invited stakeholders – please contact Roger Young at Cawthron Institute or Andrew Fenemor at Landcare Research if interested

A review day which overviews ICM research achievements, including discussion of getting the good news out.

Wednesday 28 November

INTEGRATED CATCHMENT MODELLING: IDEAS WORKSHOP (Heaphy & Wangapeka Rooms at TDC Richmond. By invitation to ICM programme participants, and any others interested – please contact Tim Davie at Landcare Research Lincoln, if interested)

ICM PROJECT DISCUSSIONS (Heaphy & Wangapeka Rooms at TDC Richmond. Afternoon session(s) available to project leaders to organise. Candidate areas include Sherry River monitoring programme; continuation of IDEAS discussions; social learning research progress. Please contact Andrew Fenemor at Landcare Research Nelson or Tim Davie at Landcare Research Lincoln for further details)

Thursday 29 November

ICM FUTURE DIRECTIONS: What are the outstanding issues for integrated land & water research across NZ? (ICM programme participants and invited stakeholders, at Milton Room, Cawthron Institute, Nelson)
Facilitated discussion of future intergative research opportunities, with a view to contributing to FRST’s upcoming drafting of an RFP for their Sustainable Resource Use portfolio, and rebidding process for late 2008.

All Project Leaders and available project participants should plan to attend.

For further information on this meeting, contact one of the following:
Andrew Fenemor, Programme Leader
Roger Young, Objective 2 Leader
Chris Phillips, Objective 3 Leader
Tim Davie, Objective 4 Leader Rob Smith, TDC partner rep