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Recent Publications

Year Title File Size
2012 A Summary of Outcomes and selected formal publications from the Integrated Catchment Management (ICM)research programme:2000 – 2011
pdf       1.08MB
2008 Collaboration and Modelling for Building Resilience – Tools for Integration in the Motueka HELP Catchment pdf       1.73MB
2006 Motueka Catchment futures, transdisciplinarity, a local sustainability problématique and the Achilles–heel of Western science pdf       683KB
2006 The Influence Matrix Methodology: a technical report pdf       874KB
2006 Understanding Whole–of–System Sustainability in the Motueka Catchment: Participatory Modelling with an Influence Matrix pdf       1.12MB
2005 Mediated Modelling, Strong Transdisciplinarity and Sustainable Resource Management in the Motueka Catchment of New Zealand.  
2004 Challenges for Sustainable Development in the Motueka Catchment – Participatory Modelling with an Influence Matrix. pdf       1.03MB
2003 Researchers put a price on Mother Nature’s good deeds.  
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Recent Presentations

Year Title File Size
2007 Sustainable behaviour modelling pdf       302KB
2006 IDEAS conceptual model for Integrated Catchment Management pdf       393KB
2005 Sustainable Futures: Strong Transdisciplinarity and Mediated Modelling pdf       687KB
2005 Can we model futures scenarios for catchment
management? IDEAS?
pdf       809KB
2005 A new tool for integrating catchment knowledge: the ICM CD–ROM. pdf       1183KB
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