Integrated Catchment Management

Maori and ICM publications & presentations

Recent Publications

Year Title File Size
2012 A Summary of Outcomes and selected formal publications from the Integrated Catchment Management (ICM)research programme:2000 – 2011
pdf       1.08MB
2011 Integrated Catchment Management – Special Issue of the NZ Journal of Marine & Freshwater Research  
2009 Watershed Talk – the cultivation of ideas and action pdf       469KB
2009 The Use of an Agent–Based Model to Represent Māori cultural Values pdf       365KB
2009 Linkages between cultural and scientific indicators of river and stream health pdf       584KB
2007 Out in the cold: sustainable development monitoring and indigenous communities  
2007 Maori Environmental Monitoring in New Zealand: Progress, concepts, and future direction. pdf       234KB
2005 Working with Tangata Whenua - working and learning together Pt 1. pdf       319KB
2005 Report on the development and use of GIS for iwi and hapu: Motueka case study, Aotearoa–New Zealand. pdf       471KB
2005 Natural Resource Management Alternatives: suggestions for a Mahinga Kai Cultural Park at Wairewa. pdf       146KB
2005 Cultural Consideration in Landslide Risk Perception.  
2005 Motueka Integrated Catchment Management (ICM) Programme –Working with Iwi.  
2004 Integrated Catchment Management: iwi/hapu values and collaboration. pdf       546KB
2004 Good practice guidelines for working with tangata whenua and Maori organisations: Consolidating our learning. pdf       707KB
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Recent Presentations

Year Title File Size
2010 Cultural River Health: How can we reconcile Maori and Pakeha values for improved water quality? pdf       1313KB
2010 Respecting Maori world views: How to engage with iwi/hapu groups, support the inclusion of different world views in plans and activities pdf       1590KB
2006 Participation of indigenous groups in sustainable development monitoring: rationale and examples from New Zealand pdf       152KB
2005 Participation of indigenous groups in sustainable development monitoring: rationale and examples from New Zealand pdf       152KB
2005 Integrated Catchment Management: The value of building partnerships with indigenous groups. pdf       1432KB
2005 Iwi perspective on ICM from the Motueka HELP Basin. pdf       3199KB
2004 Iwi values and collaboration. pdf       546KB
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BMPs, BEPs and Guidelines

Title Description
Heritage Management Guidelines for Resource Management Practitioners From Guide:
Guidelines on sustainable management of historic heritage to promote understanding...More »  
Effective Participation in Resource Consent Processes: A guide for Tangata Whenua
From website:
This guide aims to help tangata whenua to participate effectively in resource co...More »  
Good Practice Guidelines for Working with Tangata Whenua and Māori Organisations: Consolidating our learning These good practice guidelines are based on just over a decade of learning by central and local gove...More »  
Kawe Korero: Guidelines for communicating with Maori From guide:
These Guidelines for Communicating with Mäori have been developed to assist staff ...More »  
Kaitiakitanga and Local Government: Tangata Whenua participation in environmental management A practical guide for incorporating the values of tangata Whenua into the decision making process co...More »  
Talking Constructively: A practical guide for building agreements between iwi, hapu and whanau, and loca authorities From website:
This guide is designed to be a practical summary to help iwi, hapu and whanau an...More »  
Assessment of Environmental Effects. Chapter 11: Consultation Approaches From website:
THe consulative programme was developed to canvas particular matters of interest...More »  
Maori and the Resource Management Act Edited from guide:
A guide on incorporating Maori involvement in the management of natural and...More »  
Guidelines for Consulting with Tangata Whenua under the RMA: An Update on Case Law From website:
This publication provides guidance on how to undertake consultation with tangata...More »  
Kaimoana Survey Guidelines for Hapu and Iwi From MfE website.
These guidelines provide hapu and iwi with information and a suggested proce...More »  
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